ridiculous project part 1

April 29, 2012

Actually, I have many many projects and none of them finish LOL. Because so many projects, I feel confuse to finish first. Those projects are my priority. My projects different from my job of course and it's not connected at all. But, I prefer my projects so well than my job :)).

Ok, beside serious projects, I have ridiculous projects that I wanna do right now. It's named ridiculous projects because they're not have great point, except make me happy. Hahaha.

First, I wanna make my skin become soft. Do you believe or not I was inspired by Mr. Din that I met in my road trip before (you should read my "Three Day Off for Road Trip"). He has the softest skin hand that I ever touch when we shake hand. I just feel, I am a woman, why I don't have the skin like him. From that moment, I bought several beauty product for make my skin soft and do treatment. Wish me luck to have soft skin like Mr. Din. ;)

Second, I made CD mix from 90's band, several from 2000 I guess. It have 19 songs with variant band. I focus with the band which has male vocalist. This inspiration came from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Killers, and Third Eye Blind. So, I compiled the songs and I make the mix. For me, the mix are beautiful, lovely, and so nostalgic for 90's.

Third, I will write the lyric and try to remember correctly the all songs. The writing still go on and I try to remember that.

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