2016: My Life Reflection

Januari 21, 2017

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Hello, there!

This is my first reflection that I wrote in early year. A little bit weird to write the past moment in my life because I didn’t write diary since a long time ago :D and I don’t know why I am too lazy to write what happened in my life. But, I think it will be okay if I write something that’s called reflection of the year. I think it’s fine.   

Should I say 2016 was amazing year? Hm, I’m not quite sure. There was roller coaster in my life, especially my emotion feeling: upside down.

I thought my 2016 will be amazing because I started with spiritual journey. I did a pilgrim journey to Mecca and Madinah with my family, except my little brother. That was amazing moment because that was my second chance to took a pilgrim and it’s rarely to have a second chance. I was happy and enjoy the journey, especially with my sisters who took the adventure in Mecca and Madinah with me. But, I have bad emotion after I came home. That was so terrible and break me into pieces. I couldn’t meet my friends because my emotion. I couldn’t make any other meet up with friends. I thought, I was depressed. I was scared if I felt numb again.

The depression feeling happened for several days and it successfully made my friend left me, if I can say that. Ironic, isn’t it? So, I tried to change my feeling. I have to control my emotion. I might have a disorder and tend to be have, but I’m quite sure I’m fine ;).

My job was fine in 2016. I still in the same path, but I was looking for other path that make me learn again. I was fine with that although sometimes I wasn’t sure about this other path and thought, “Will I can make it or leave it like others?” I’m still not sure about it. Well, I’ll see it.

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The most stressful
thing was me who’s not married yet :D. It was stressful and it came in many directions. Sometimes, I felt that I made people disappointed at me or maybe they were sorry for me. But, maybe these were just my feeling. I think, I have my own life and I decide to do what I want.

So, what did I do?  I redesigned my blog. I committed to focus with what I love. I promised to make an article at least one month. I promised to read many books. I promised make arts. I tried new lifestyle, such as minimalism and zero waste. I promised to reduce my plastic waste. I stopped shopping clothes, shoes, bags, and make ups or things that I don’t need. I heard TEDX and documentary movies. I took English class. I promised to meet new people. I promised to travel a lot. I promised to refuse negative energy. I promised to improve my spiritual life. And, I promised to enjoy my life. These commitments are still happening and still become my goals in 2017.

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When I’m happy with my life, I think people will happy with me. Of course, I don’t stop to prayers. I still prayers all the time. And, what do I wish for? I wish God answer my prayers :D. Amen.

Hope you have amazing year in 2017! 

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