Eva Ibbotson, children storyteller

Oktober 22, 2010

I love book, especially about magic or witchcraft or wizard. One of my favorite book is Which Witch? by Eva Ibbotson that talked about witch named Belladona. Really hard to find that book in Indonesian language at that moment. But, I will find that and put it in my bookshelf.

From that moment, Eva Ibbotson is one of my favorite author. I try to collect her books. Her story for children. Story about witch, ghost, and anything of magic. Anything about other world that's so different and look like amazing to me.

A big shocked when I read Guardian online. Eva Ibbotson dies at 85. She has many awards for her story for children. Always talked about home. According to Guardian, Ibbotson described her childhood as 'cosmopolitan but unhappy' and she attributed to it her desire for happy endings in which her characters always find a home. She explained, "My mother wrote film scripts and worked in Berlin and my father was a scientist and worked in Edinburgh and my grandparents lived in Vienna and I was always on some large train going about and wishing I had a home. So when I came to write, consciously or unconsciously I always had to make things right for the hero or the heroine."

Maybe she's one of author who inlfluence JK Rowling for Harry Potter.

One thing that she said about writing, "The thing you have to do is keep writing, the habit is too ingrained, you can't stop."

Rest in Peace, Eva

Eva Ibbotson, children's author.

Born 21 January 1925, Vienna Austria.

Died 20 October 2010, Newcastle England.

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