clarissa fray - the immortal series

Februari 25, 2013

It's been a long time I didn't post anything. Little bit lost in the wide of the world :)). Actually, I'm looking for inspirations to make several things and still looking :D.

Ok, for the last post, I talked about The Immortal Series: City of Bones. For me, that story is better than Twilight series. But, a little bit disappointing because the spoiler. Honestly, I saw the spoiler when I browsed Cassandra Clare's website. City of Bones will be a movie and I knew whose the person will get Clary's character. Guess? It will be Lily Collins. I don't know what she will be if she play Clary. A little bit sad when knew Clary in the movie has a straight long hair because in my mind Clary is petite, has red spots in her nose, and red curly hair. That's why I try to paint her face :D

Clarissa Fray should be. I painted with watercolors.

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