2017: My Life Reflection

Januari 12, 2018

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Hi there!

Maybe, I should write something for this new year, 2018, and to start a new beginning in this year. Actually, I never write any reflection or flashback because I haven’t written diary for along time ago. But, last year, I didn’t know why I write any reflection. Maybe, in 2016, I had so many turbulences in my life, especially my emotion.

I started 2017 with a new hope that I could do something better than 2016. I tried to compile my life as a person to let it flow everything happen. I didn’t push myself as I did before. Maybe I tried to more relax than before and tried to control my anxiety that make me feel insecure.

Last year, I tried to be tidy, but not as good as Marie Kondo said. At least, I tried to discard many things, such as papers, books, and clothes, although I still have many of them right know :D because they are spark joy to me :p. Actually, my goals were minimalism or zero waste, but I still learn because I need time to be like that. The good news is I can reduce my plastic consumption. I’ve changed disposal items with sustainable things, such as I use reusable menstruation pad, I bring my own jar to buy drink or food, or use my bag instead plastic bag. I tried to avoid plastic as long as I could. And, the best feeling that I had last year was maybe I have fallen into someone ;).

For this year, I will be tidy and reach my goal to become minimalist, at least I have less stuff. Right now, I’m still working on that, especially my papers and my books. Digitize all those things aren’t easy. It’s hard, but I try :D. I will read all my books, slowly but sure :D. I will reduce my plastic consumption. I will not buy things that I don’t need, such as clothes, shoes, bags, or veils. I will have awareness about environment and earth. I will become positive person. I will be someone with integrity and free to decide where my heart goes on. FYI, I’m on that track.

And, I hope this year become another amazing year! 

Happy New Year 😘

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